The Emmaus School of Ministry

Over the last 35 years, Pastor Dan Stover and his family have been missionaires in such diverse countries as Mexico, Honduras, and the Philippines. In addition, Dan has lead numerous short term missions to additional countries such as Kenya, Romania, and Taiwan.

Essential Christianity came about during Pastor Dan's twelve years as chief administrator and lead professor at Prescott, Arizona's Frontier Bible College and School of Ministry. The Emmaus School of Ministry was a direct result from both teaching and practical experience with the multitude of students who came through these schools seeking God's will for their lives.

Our vision for this program is incorporating new technology by offering the School of Ministry as an online distance learning program. Now the student who may not have the resources or location will be able, no matter where he or she is in the world, to study in depth the riches of God's Word.

Each course includes 10 to 12 sessions and will allow the students to complete each course on their own schedule in the case of On-Line Distant Learning courses.

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Snapshot of Essential Christianity:

Essential Christianity Program

Trusting the Bible
Interpreting the Bible
Defending the Bible
Knowing God the Father
Knowing God the Holy Spirit
Knowing God the Son
Knowing your Salvation
Old Testament
Understanding God's Old Covenant
New Testament
Understanding God's New covenant
Understanding the Church
Understanding the End Times

Essential Christianity Tools

Inductive Bible Study
Constructing a Bible study
Presenting a Bible study
Biblical Counseling
Helping others

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