Course Schedules:

Future Online Courses

101 Bibliology
102 Hermeneutics
103 Apologetics
201 Theology
202 Pneumatology
203 Christology
204 Soteriology
301 Old Testament Survey
302 New Testament Survey
303 Ecclesiology
304 Eschatology

Available On-Site Courses

There are no current on-site courses available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up as a student?
You can be enrolled in our On-Site courses at the location indicated by the Course Schedule or you can Contact Us and you will be notified by return e-mail of your successful enrollment. Online students will have to wait for our website functionality to become available.

Can I get a head start on enrollment for your Online Distance Learning courses?
Yes, you can. By opening an Account you will be pre registered for the courses as they become available online.

What is the cost for this program?
Because this is a ministry similar to a mission's outreach, we only ask you to cover the administration cost, which is minimal. $20 per course is all that is required. However we understand that some will be unable to do even this. In that case we would require an explanation and then we can make special arrangements.

How do I pay?
If you are an On-Site student, you may pay tuition at the course location.

What about course required text books?
This will be your responsibility, but most of the text books can be found online, new or used.

How do I get the course student notes?
For On-Site courses, you will be provided opportunity to down-load the notes to your thumb-drive or some other storage device. Those notes will be your responsibility to print out or download to your computer. For the Online courses, you will be able to download the student notes directly to your computer from the website after you enroll.

Are there going to be video lectures for the Online courses?
Yes, in addition to downloading student notes you will be able to go online to view video lectures corresponding to the various courses you have registered for.

Is there a degree or certificate available for those who compete the program?
Yes, there is a certificate of completion available.

Can I take any course at any time?
Yes and no. Students will be required to complete level 100 courses before moving on to levels 200 thru 400.

Is the Emmaus School of Ministry a church?
No; we are, however, a non-profit para-church organization set up to help the local church. To that end, we require all of our students to be involved in some type of recognized ministry at his or her place of worship. Communication with the student's pastor will be of an upmost requirement for all students.

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