Programs of Study

The objectives of our programs of study are to protect and teach the Bible by presenting God's Scriptures Expositionally, Systematically, and Literally.


Explaining all of Scripture word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter, and book by book.
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We have a system to direct the study of God's Word.
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We seek and find what the author intended as the primary reason for recording the writing.
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Program Objectives

Teaching Expositionally

We believe in explaining all of Scripture word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter, and book by book. The lack of expositonally studying or teaching the Word allows error to develop in a teacher's presentation. The attention to expositional teaching of the Word of God prevents such errors from developing. Therefore, the teacher can rest assured that the original author's intent is maintained; giving that teacher a clean conscience that he or she has done the will of God.

Teaching Systematically

Having a system to which a student or teacher or pastor can direct his or her own study of God's Word is of paramount importance. The Emmaus School of Ministry's philosophy incorporates this method of study. By focusing on a systematic method of study the student is assured of integrating all of God's counsel; not leaving out His intent and not putting in a person's bias or preconceived presuppositions.

Teaching Literally

We here at the Emmaus School of Ministry believe the most effective way of seeking and finding what the author intended is by investigating the Word of God literally. Today this method is as valid as it was during the first years of Christianity. To that end, we are proud to offer this philosophy of study and teaching.

Essential Christianity Program

Obtaining Godly Knowledge

The Essential Christianity Program, a proven ministry, has come to maturity from over 12 years of continued teaching and experience through out the world. Specifically this program has been used as the main teaching tool for pastors and church leaders in both Nairobi Kenya and San Fernando Philippines. The program has proven itself as the primary basic tool for church planting, again, in the Philippines as well as being used by various missionaries in France, Brazil, Mexico and Japan. In addition various churches and Christian movements in the United States, as well, have benefited from those students who have finalized this program.

The Essential Christianity Program is by it's nature Fundamental, Conservative, and Evangelical in its position on Christianity and the study of the Word of God. We are non-sectarian, non-denominational and invite all who share our beliefs to attend this program.

Essential Christianity Program encourages our students to read extensively, so to that end every class has a text. The authors include David Hocking, Chuck Smith, Josh McDowell, J. Dwight Pentecost, Henry M. Morris, Don Stewart as well as others.

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Essential Christianity Tools

Imparting Godly Knowledge

Essential Christianity Tools is a program that will train leaders to lead Bible Studies, preach and teach, and instruct leaders on how to provide sound Biblical Counseling. Essential Christianity Tools have been developed over the years to complement directly the Essential Christianity program.

The courses that make up the Essential Christianity Tools courses are Inductive Bible Study (how to put together a Bible study), Homiletics (how to preach a Bible Study), and Biblical Counseling (helping others understand Biblical principles). These courses have been constructed in such a manner as to allow the student practical experience in ministering to others. Over the years this practical approach has helped students to become effective Christian Leaders in many lands and nations.

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Reviews from students who have completed this program and have gone on to start their own ministries:

When Pastor Dan informed me of the possibility of starting another School of Ministry I was beyond excited. Both my wife and I have been through the program and the benefits of it have had the "ripple in the pond" effect in our lives (too many to count). From teaching students in youth ministry, to counseling, to our current ministry of running a fellowship in southern Arizona, it has been instrumental in all. We often refer to the tools that we have been blessed with specifically through the School of Ministry. I would highly recommend it to anyone longing for tools to equip them in a deeper understanding of our Lord, His plan, and conveying those profound truths to others.

Nick, Church Planting Pastor; Bisbee, Arizona, USA

I remember the moment I decided to join the School of Ministry. It was when I was riding in a train in Romania with a group of School of Ministry students on a short term mission trip. The whole group was talking about the Word of God and praising the Lord. I so wanted to be like them! I wanted to be knowledgeable in the Word and be able to praise the Lord like they were doing. But I was frustrated because I realized I was only a high school drop out. However God gave me the strength to apply and He opened the door so I soon started my courses in the School of Ministry. It turned out to be the best decision of my life!

I learned so much, and in addition, the School of Ministry taught me the way to find out those things I didn't know. By digging into the Word and through prayer the School of Ministry showed me how I could use the gifts the Holy Spirit had given me. Those gifts lead me to the present time as I lead teams in ministering to orphans, ministering in prisons and drug rehab centers throughout the world. However my biggest joy is to be able to lead mission teams back to Eastern Europe especially Romania where it all started.

Gary, Missions Lay Pastor and Team Leader; Prescott, Arizona, USA

In my opinion, the contents of the SOM are something every Christ follower should be familiar with. An introduction into every major Christian doctrine is not only a fascinating study in and of itself but also very necessary for spiritual growth. In my own experience, the SOM was the springboard to what has become a lifelong passion of studying and worshipping the person and work of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Aside from how it has benefitted me, I have also seen firsthand how the SOM has confirmed the callings of other Christians. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the SOM is how it emphasizes the importance of connecting strong orthodoxy with strong orthopraxy (correct action). In other words, the SOM encourages doers not just hears and links the mind with the heart.

Anthony, Church Planter, Missions Pastor, Director of School of Ministry; Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA

I am full time worker in our church. It was a great blessing to me that I've gone through School of Ministry presented by Pastor Dan Stover. As a servant of God it's been a big help to me how to study the Word of God and how to teach the people of God. I learned so many things and really ministered in my heart. Until now, we are having classes in School of Ministry for those who are willing to learn. Also, offering to those who have a heart in serving Jesus not just to learn but to use and share it. It's a good step and a wise decision to make in your life to have a commitment in the School of Ministry. To God be all the glory!

Lai, Leader and Church Worker, Pampanga, Luzon, Philippines

School of Ministry is something that every Christian should desire to experience. Each course had helped me discover more of God's Word by properly interpreting and understanding every single word, verse, chapter and all the Bible as a whole and apply them in all my current ministries as the youth leader and a teacher of SOM at our local Church. God has used the whole program to equip every Christian to fulfill our calling as disciples of Christ desiring to tell the world about His Word and His love. Our learning of who God is, His Word and His perfect plan does not end... SOM is something that we should all experience for a deeper and broader understanding of His Word and in our desire to serve Christ in any way with no boundaries.

Rui, Youth Leader and SOM Teacher, Pampanga, Luzon, Philippines

As a missionary pastor in the Philippines I have gone through the SOM presented by Pastor Dan Stover. It has been and still has a very huge influence in the way I study the word of God and how I teach it to God's children. I find myself referring to it even in my teaching. We as a ministry have continued to teach it to those who have a heart in serving God. We have a couple of SOM teachers who also have gone thru the same curriculum as I have. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to be a servant of the Most High God.

John, Missionary Pastor and Teacher, Pampanga, Luzon, Philippines

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